Engela Schemel South Africa

Inner and outer beauty has always been one of my passions. Whilst studying all the intricate sides of beauty, I soon realised that even if you use the best beauty routine and clever make up, if one does not feel good on the "inside", the true beauty of the person sadly remains hidden....

I therefore, studied and started training more and more about personal growth and realised, it doesn't matter how one looks, it’s all about how confident we are about ourselves, that really is the key factor.

I have trained these philosophies in around 34 counties worldwide; I mainly trained the trainers of each of these countries. I am so inspired by the interesting cultures and am blessed to be constantly amazed by the incredibly gifted people who daily crosses my path.....many times they are so totally unaware of their "isms"

I see iMA as "filling in the blanks" making it such a wonderful tool for us mere mortals!! Yup, we do not go into heavy psycho analyses. It is easy, you have to know which colour of the iMA world you fall into, that's the very important starting point! Following that, the aim of iMA is to make you recognise and understand which colour the person is, that you are conversing with. iMA then teaches you how to communicate with all colours in a way that both parties feel comfortable, thus less confrontational.......everybody wins!!

iMA makes the world just such a COLOURFUL place! I will continue using it for companies, groups and individuals and just about everyone who is interested in improving their day to day communication skills.

Engela Schemel

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